Friday, October 3, 2008

My top 3 of the top 50 most powerful blogs...

#15 TZM
This blog I would love to chat about. Whether is positive or negative opinions about celebrities that seemed to be in the media all of the time. There are times when I feel like a celebrity is being violated with the paparazzi and causing her to meltdown from life. Some celebrities I believe need more recognition as well. It seems like TMZ is a great show for the latest celebrity gossip.

#30 Go fug yourself
This sounds very funny. Creating words like this and not being offensive is great. Fugging is a word to beat on celebrities as ugly. Whether is clothing, appearance, or actions, the definition is very superb. This blog would be great if it was the daily “Go fug yourself” on a certain topic.

#2 Boing Boing
I like this blog because it’s personal opinion on music taste, and it’s informative. Adding the music lyrics to one of the songs is neat if someone was interested in one of the tracks from the album. I like the organization itself. It’s very clean and not too tacky. Great visuals on what album we are reading about as well.

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