Thursday, October 9, 2008

Visual of the Week

This picture means everything to me. I have faced a rough summer with a breakup that I thought would never happen. This is a picture of me, my ex-girlfriend Renee, and Kaylee who was like a daughter to me. The photo symbolizes “the family.”

The story behind this picture goes back two years ago, when I dated Renee, who was a single mother. I went to high school with Renee, and became best friends with her. I knew it was a tough challenge to be part of her life because of the fact she had a 2 month old daughter that I did not know how to handle. I took a risk and made myself a responsible father to that child.

Kaylee is everything to me. I have been through the worst time of her life and of course the happiest moments in her life. We both love each other very much. The greatest words from a child’s mouth are when they tell you they love you. I was in her life for almost two years until Renee’s feelings towards me changed. It was the biggest turning point of my life.

To this day I hurt because I grew to love Kaylee as each day went by. I miss the feeling of taking care of someone who I thought could grow up as me being her dada. When I look at this picture, it makes me remember the good times all three of us had together as a family. There were so many memories that will last forever. It’s unfortunate that a decision has been made where I can no longer continue my responsibilities of being a proud father. However, it was a great lesson of life on how to raise a child.

There are no regrets. This was the best time of my life as we speak. There are better things yet to come upon me. I wish the best of luck with these two girls that I loved very much. This picture will always be with me.

This reflects on how much of hard worker I am in life. I take everything that comes before me with pride and love. My job was going to help us raise a family down the road. It was just too good to be true.

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