Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tip of the Week

Hasn't everyone gone through with some tough experience when dealing with cell phone companies? Well this situation wasn't so much AT&T's fault. I am warning everyone out there to not get a cell phone account with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

At first it seemed like an alright thing to do. You share a phone line with your loved one. Doesn't it make the relationship deeper? I'd thought so. It's almost like buying a dog together.

When we get our bill, it's split in half. In our relationship, we would come to an agreement where we would split the bill half and half no matter who used the most minutes. However, what happens if you break up with your loved one?

The answer is obviously to kick her/him off the account. Well it wasn't that easy. For now, we have been good about just paying the phone bill as long as we don't have any farther arguments. We did split our account into two separate phone plans. My phone usage wouldn't affect hers, as well she wouldn't affect mine.

As time goes on, what if your ex-girlfriend finds a new man? Averaging the total phone bill around $212 is not too shabby for the both of us.

I woke up Monday morning to check my phone bill online, and I came across a huge amount! Our bill was $472.00! My first thought was this is outrageous, and how could I do this? Well going from $212 to $475 you would think someone has been on the phone too much or text messaging is getting ridiculous.

My ex-girlfriend has been on the phone with her new boyfriend just a little bit too long. Her bill was $350 out of the total $472. It's all fun in the end, but knowing my name is the primary account holder, it's my job to make sure its paid. Good thing, she is still a great person, and decided to still pay it.

It's still smart to don't rush into things in life. Sharing the same cell phone bill can be stressful. The way the economy is today, it's very smart if you just have your own.

Remember everyone, do not commit to things that you might be stuck with down the road. And that is your tip of the week!

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