Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Recap on career...

So work is getting better by the moment. I have finally found my niche. At WSBT-TV, I have started a career in the news broadcasting business. The people I work with are very good to me. They have taught me things I could have never imagine I would be doing. From production to the newsroom, I have developed many friendships. Working here has been the best thing yet for me.

We are about to move into our new building near Granger. We have been planning to broadcast in High Definition for the first time ever. WSBT would be the first newscast station to broadcast in HD out of the three main news stations in Michiana area. This is a huge deal for our company. Our station has recently bought three other stations to build up our empire here in Michiana.

As a technical director, I have more responsibilities this most positions in production. Therefore, I have been watched and will be re-evaluated to maybe be promoted to full time. This would include a possible chance to train to direct the morning and midday show. I would love to be a full time director. At 22 years old, directing a newscast for a large market would be a great accomplishment. To stay professional, my plan is to keep working hard and work my way up the ladder. Only time will tell, when we move into our new facility in November, if a promotion will arrive.

Rehearsals have been going great. I believe we are getting closer to be ready for our new set. Here are a few pictures of the new building.

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